“The spiritual children which the Lord gives each priest, the children he has baptized, the families he has blessed and helped on their way, the sick he has comforted, the young people he catechizes and helps to grow, the poor he assists… all these are the 'Bride' whom he rejoices to treat as his supreme and only love and to whom he is constantly faithful. It is the living Church, with a first name and a last name, which the priest shepherds in his parish or in the mission entrusted to him.”
Pope Francis
Chrism Mass, April 2014
WORSHIP: The Intimate Encounter with Christ

His Priests

Our priests are first and foremost, priests of Jesus Christ, signed with a special character at ordination so they can preach and offer the sacraments to the parishioners of Mother Seton in his name.

Pastor: Fr. Lee Fangmeyer

Parochial Vicars: Rev. Louis Faust and Rev. Santiago Martin

Dear Friends in Christ,
I hope you had a great Easter and that this Spring your lives are filled with many blessings. This is the time of celebrating the great Sacraments, Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. These are the ways in which we encounter the Risen Lord in His Church. At the Easter Vigil we baptized two adults and Confirmed a number more. This weekend we had Confirmation for our teenagers on Friday night (80+) and at the 5:00pm Vigil Mass we are baptizing another group of 9 young people who have been in our Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC).

Next weekend we celebrate First Holy Communion for our second graders. All this is evidence of the life of Christ in our company and the outpouring of grace in people’s lives. I am impressed not only with those who receive these Sacraments but those who prepare them. So many witness to their faith by giving of their time and talents to lead others to Christ. This includes Dominique Seraphin, our Director of Religious Education and Peggy McGrail who led our RCIA along with all the Catechists and volunteers who each week prepared and taught our children and adults. It is such a joy to witness the evidence of faith and to accompany these people to the life-giving Sacraments.

This weekend the Liturgy gives us the Gospel of the Road to Emmaus. Here we learn something incredibly beautiful. Jesus remains with us in the Breaking of Bread. And He accompanies us and guides us through His Holy Scripture especially when we are confused, distressed, and even discouraged. The two disciples were “downcast” and walking away from Jerusalem after the death of Jesus. They even wandered away after hearing about some strange news about the missing body of Jesus. Yet Jesus walks up to them and opens their minds and creates a desire in their hearts. He finally reveals Himself in the breaking of the bread and again in the company of the Apostles.

We will meet Jesus again and again here – in the celebration of the Eucharist – in which we too have Him open the Scriptures for us and meet Him in the Eucharist. We gather here knowing we are one body in Christ united to our bishop and the Vicar of Christ on earth, the Holy Father Pope Francis. We gather in the community of faith and hear the words: He is Risen. These are busy days but they are filled with joy. Thanks again to all who make this parish such a lively and faith-filled community. If you feel called to help in any way, to teach or simply accompany others in their journey of faith, please contact me or Dominique. With all this before my eyes I can only say: He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.

-Fr. Lee


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Prayer for priests

O holy Mother of God, pray for the priests your Son has chosen to serve the Church. Help them, by your intercession, to be holy, zealous and chaste. Make them models of virtue in the service of God's people. Help them be pious in meditation, efficacious in preaching and zealous in the daily offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Help them administer the Sacraments with joy. Amen.

-St. Charles Borromeo (1538-1584)

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